Callisto brings the power and convenience of data-based business management to small companies.  With minimal cost, Callisto allows your company to track customers, enter orders and keep your books.  The information you need to make smart decisions is at your finger tips. Connect to your data from other ODBC based software, like Excel and Word, and have full control over how your data is  presented and analyzed. Callisto even lets you connect to your data from anywhere in the world, without changing how you enter information.

Keep your Customers, Orders and Books at hand.
Callisto's easy-to-use interface makes it easy for you to add new customer information, or update your customer's information. Create orders and your inventory is updated automatically.

Callisto Order interfaceMore Screenshots

Make decisions from information, not guess work.
Because Callisto combines Orders, Accounting, Inventory and Customers in one package, you can examine the state of your business quickly and easily.  Do you have enough product on hand? What's selling and what is not? Where are the orders coming from? Callisto gives you the tools to know, not just guess.

From presentation to P&L, it's your data.
You put the data in, you should be able to get it out. Though Callisto comes with a suite of useful built in reports, your use of your data is limited only by your imagination.

Open Connection to your Data.
Callisto uses a data access technology called ODBC to let you use the software you already own to access your data. Use Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or other software that uses the ODBC technology to access your information. Create presentations, spread sheets, charts, graphs and reports with software you already know how to use.

PostgreSQLThe power of a Relational Database, the honesty of open format.
Callisto leverages years of database know-how with the power of the PostgreSQL database engine, recognized the world over for its power accuracy and safety. The design of PostgreSQL keeps you in charge of your data and the destiny of your business.

Increase the distance between your employees' desks, reduce office gossip!
When set up with a Linux server, Callisto can operate anywhere there is a high speed connection to the internet.  Your employees can be spread across the globe, all working with the same information just like they were sitting in the same room.

Mix and match
Windows, Linux, BSD* and Mac OSX* workstations seamlessly access the same data from Native Interfaces. Use the hardware you own without having to upgrade to another type of machine.

Affordable Quality Software
Eventually you need to move up from bookkeeping software to business management software.  Callisto gives you the same or better features at a fraction of the cost of other business management software. 

Callisto Windows
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Windows version

Callisto Linux
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Linux version

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Who uses Callisto?

Job Based Industries
CameraEven if every customer has a unique job with your company, Callisto's flexible inventory system lets you price the job according to your needs.

Service and Consulting Businesses
buckyInventory free businesses can use Callisto by defining services just like they were real inventory.

daisyProduct and Retail Based Businesses
How much stuff you have and how much you are selling are the life blood of inventory based business.  Callisto tracks actual inventory with each invoice.  

Administrative Outsourcers
starhedraCallisto allows multiple businesses to be run on the same server using the same interface. A single person or company may manage multiple companies at the same time.

Collaborative Enterprise
perfhyperdodecCallisto lets you connect to your data via internet. Your office is wherever you have a computer and a connection to the net.



Callisto Features

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Powerful data search system
  • Millions of orders and contacts can be entered and searched
  • ODBC support for Word, Excel and other programs that use ODBC
  • Available for multiple platforms: Windows, Linux, BSD*, Apple OSX*
  • Client/Server based
  • Individual user logins for accountability
  • Import comma delimited data via the PostgreSQL interface


*OSX & BSD versions in development.
Windows, Linux, PostgreSQL, BSD, Microsoft, Microsoft Office, ODBC, OpenOffice, Excel, Word, Apple and OSX are
either trademark, copyright or both of their respective owners.

Callisto and Jupiter III are copyrighted and licensed products distributed by
Red Rocket Consortium, Inc.

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